• Description: AB+Co. Thermal Transfer Ltd. (Inc.) is a leading European manufacturer and supplier of industrial heaters and heat exchanger.
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    • Description: Our factory engaged in the refrigerant production and sales, the annual production capacity has reached 50000 tons, our factory's main products are as follows: R-22、R-600A、R-290、R-401A、R-502、R-404A、R-406A、R-407C、R-408A 、R-409A、R-410A、R-507A、HFC-134A、HFC-152A、HCFC-142B、HCFC-141b,HFC-143A、HFC-32、HFC-125 ,R422D,R438A,R415a and "WHACOOL " series of refrigerant products etc.
    • More Products R-22, R-401A, R-502, R-404A, R-406A, 407C, R-406A, R-507A, HFC-134A, HFC-152A
    • Description: Manufacturer and supplier of micro-contamination control products and services. Such as cleanroom face masks and apparels.
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