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    • Airthrough Nonwoven
    • Airthrough Nonwoven
    • Description: The hot air nonwoven fabric produced by our company has taken into account the special requirements of hygiene products such as softness, fluffiness, water permeability and uniformity. The product is produced with special composite fiber, which fully meets the requirements of the national sanitary napkin production, without any irritation, and will not cause allergies to the human body. Mainly suitable for general sanitary napkins, wing sanitary napkins, ultra-thin sanitary napkins, diapers (sheets) fabrics and (diversion layer) and wet facial towels, tablecloths, bed sheets, gas-liquid filtration, speaker silencers, clothing warming, etc. Ideal fabric for the first generation of sanitary napkin products. The main specifications of the company's products: Gram weight 15-100g / m²; width 40-1800mm.
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