Golden Banners

    • DGT419
    • DGT419
    • Description: This product is used TFS (thickness0.19mm, hardnessT4CA) as the substrate, and made of 20 microns hot RPET film in the two sides. This product is mainly used for three-piece cans, can instead of aluminum cover and coated steel sheet cover, and is particularly suitable for high resistance to media occasions. Disclaimer: The above information is provided based on our actual knowledge and experience. We solemnly recommend users to conduct in-depth and detailed tests on the product before use to verify whether it is suitable for the user's own process conditions and purposes, and we recommend that you consult with our technicians. The above technical information is not regarded as any guarantee from us, and we therefore assume no responsibility. Product Features: A beautiful appearance Green environmental , safety and health Excellent scratch resistance Good resistance to media performance Effectively solve the problem of rust caused by abrasion Product health performance: Comply with FDA 21 CFR 175.300 regulations Comply with FDA 21 CFR 175.1630(h) regulations Comply with GB 10-2016, GB 13113-1991, GB 9683-1988 standards
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