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    • DZO Machine Vision lens
    • DZO Machine Vision lens
    • Description: DZOptics is a company that focuses on the RD, manufacture and sales of machine vision lenses with large image circle. We are one of the members of the China Machine Vision Union (CMVU) and one of the drafter of industrial image quality standard. As a proven designer and supplier of automation industrial machine vision lens, we deliver both off-the-shelf and fully-customized machine vision solutions since year 2013. By cooperation with customers from Europe, North American and Asia, we have successfully established a sales network in these three continents and have gradually formed the product lines with DZO characteristics. DZO machine vision lenses are mainly applied in inspection and positioning in automated industries such as Semiconductor (LCD, wafer inspection), Electronic Parts Manufacture (PCB inspection), Printing, Film, Weaving, Lithium, Robotics and machine vision Sorting.
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