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    • Description: Glassmaster Company (Glassmaster) is a manufacturer and supplier of extruded (thermoplastic) synthetic monofilament, pultruded (thermoset) fiberglass products and composites. Glassmaster Controls Company, Inc. (Controls) and Glassmaster Marine, Llc (Marine) are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Company. Glassmaster operates in three segments: Marine, which designs and manufactures a fiberglass center console product line ranging from 18 to 22 feet and a high-performance line of pleasure boats; Industrial Products, which produces extruded synthetic monofilament line, pultruded fiberglass products and composites that are sold for use in a variety of industrial applications and markets, and Controls and Electronics, which produces flexible cable controls, mechanical and electronic heating, ventilation and air conditioning (Hvac) controls, molded control panels and electronic testing equipment. Glassmaster Co manufactures and sells various electronic and mechanical control products, and marine products in the United States and internationally. General Information Year established 1946
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