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    • INDUSERVE , Pollution Control & Environmental Protection Equipment
    • INDUSERVE , Pollution Control & Environmental Protection Equipment
    • Description: The World’s major e-Sourcing Suppliers in the region include Mac Master Carr, e-Industrial Suppliers, Grainger and True Value who are the prime and leading stockists and suppliers of industrial and construction supplies and equipment with over 1,000,000 priced products available online from over 15,000 vendors/manufacturers stocked at their 35 warehousing facilities in the US and Europe. Recently, some of the e-wholesalers have opted to pre-position stocks here in the Persian Gulf. In this age of global information technology and high speed internet, it is becoming more and more easier to compare pricing, availability and delivery with the simple click of your fingers. To compare technical specs for the various products, place order and even negotiate better deals for our companies when needed, is now just a click away. “The information technology age coupled with the revolution in terms of package tracking and shipment management has made it so comfortable to organize and manage shipment worldwide for us and for our customers,” says Patrick Flanagan IV, Vice President of e-Industrial Suppliers, a US industrial and construction equipment and supplies stockist Company based in Delaware. Mr. Flanagan adds, “We are serving oil and gas companies; construction and electro-mechanical contractors worldwide and are receiving more and more inquiries and RFQs from the Persian Gulf; South America, and the oil-rich former Soviet countries
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