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    • Q(ZY/XY)-2/180 Nylon Composite Copper Round Wire
    • Q(ZY/XY)-2/180 Nylon Composite Copper Round Wire
    • Description: The type of packaging and packaging may affect certain properties of the enameled wire, such as resilience. Therefore, the type of packaging (such as the type of delivery reel) should be negotiated between the supplier and the purchaser to determine that the enameled wire should be wound evenly and tightly on the delivery reel or placed in the container. Unless there is agreement between the supplier and the buyer, there should be no more than one line of enameled wire in the delivery reel or container. When there is more than one line segment, the supplier and the buyer shall agree to mark the length of the line segment on the label and/or mark the package. When the enameled wire is delivered in a loop, the size and maximum weight of the loop shall be determined by the supplier and the buyer. Any additional protection on the coil GB/T610.1-2008/IEC603170-1:2005 It should be decided by both parties.
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