• SUPER SPEED X8412/125gsm
    • SUPER SPEED X8412/125gsm
    • Description: https://www.chinahdht.com/product/super-speed-sublimation-paper/SUPER-SPEED-X8410-100GSM-fu-ben-fu-ben.html MODEL:X8412/125gsm Large ink capacity, fast drying speed, RHT-8210 will give you completely different experience of instant ink drying. FEATURE: 1.Ultra fast printing speed and instant ink drying 2.Large ink absorption and good smoothness 3.Anti-curling in high temperature 4.Superb adaptability for various application environments SPECIFICATION: MODEL LENGTH WIDTH CORE X8412/125gsm 100m (328feet) 610mm (24inch) 914mm (36inch) 1118mm (44inch) 1520mm (60inch) 1600mm (63inch) 50mm (2inch) 76mm (3inch) *Other widths, lengths and jumbo rolls can be customized according to your requirements.
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